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A Baddies Practical Packing Guide for Las Vegas

By Ashley B

It's official. You and your girls have finally booked your Las Vegas vacation package and in just a few weeks time, you and your girls will be turnt up, having the time of your lives. So now that the easy part is out of the way, the real challenge begins... Like... what are you going to wear? How is your hair going to be, do hotels still provide those teeny tiny shampoo and conditioner's anymore? Well luckily for you, we've created a practical packing guide for bad b*tches (like you), with all the packing tips and tricks you'll need to ensure you have an epic fun and safe trip.

First things, first…

You'll need a few pairs of shoes…

We've thought long and hard about what makes for a terrible experience on the Las Vegas Strip, and one of the most preventable yet diabolical situation is a pair of uncomfortable, cheap heels. There is absolutely nothing worse than swine feet. Imagine being 100,000 feet away from your hotel room and your cute $20 clear heels just broke and its 2 am, and your in the middle of a club... I could keep going, but hopefully you get the picture. You'll want to invest in some really nice shoes for your trip not just cute, feel me?

As far as shoes go, you'll want to bring at least 3 pair:

  • An athletic such as a sneaker or canvas tennis shoe

  • A pair of slides, sandals or crocs.

  • A nice pair of heels.

A sneaker, like an Nike Air Force One is an ideal choice to wear when your exploring the Las Vegas Strip with your friends. It's perfect because the all enclosed design protect your precious pedicures while your literally walking though crowds of people.

Pro Tip: Wearing a sneaker instead of sandals while walking the Las Vegas Strip is ideal if you want to keep the heels of your feet clean and avoid swine feet.

You'll want to save your slides, sandals and crocs for chilling poolside. Crocs are an ideal choice when it comes to hanging out poolside or at day parties, have all your girls wear cute crocs that way no one will have to take their shoes off and no one has stay back to watch anyone's shoes.

Pro Tip - for hygienic and personal care reasons we wouldn’t recommend going into any public pool barefoot.

You'll want to have a pair of heels for when you want to step out, trust us. The swagger displayed in Las Vegas on a daily basis is unmatched, so if you don’t want to blend in, that’s okay, Vegas is one of those fun places where you can dress up as you’d like. We'd recommend a well made strappy heel, pump, or for those concerned about comfort, a nice wedge. Do not wear kitten heels to the club, please and thank you.

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