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5 reasons why a Baddie will always keep their hair done.

The lackadaisical days of COVID, have left more than a horrible economy and normalized bad customer service. But many women are opting out of traditional salon services, and taking on YouTube University to solve their hair dilemmas. And I am here to say, some, not all, but some of you need to stop. Take a step back a reflect on the purpose behind self-care and personal maintenance. I humbly present to you, 5 reasons why you, should always keep your hair done.

1. It’s a sign of self-love.

The adage is true, people treat you, how you treat yourself. When COVID happened, salons nationwide were shut down, as were many businesses that were considered, “nonessential”. During this 4 month's lockdown, going out in pajamas was not only accepted but seemingly encouraged based on news reports. As women of high value, we hope you didn’t fall into this trap. I woman of the class would never, be seen out in public in something she slept in, period. The same mentality should be true of how you maintain your hair. It should always be well-kept, no matter what’s going on in the world. Self-love is maintaining your standards, even those standards of your self-image, and keeping them high.

2. Your D.I.Y. attempt may not be as successful as you think.

You could be committing social suicide by unknowingly wearing an ugly install. Let me explain, as much as we like to think of the people around us as non-superficial, the truth is, no matter how nice you are, in this society your appearance matters. What’s worse is that most people won’t tell you this to your face, instead, they’ll just use your D.I.Y. hairstyle as a good reason to avoid you. Especially if it’s really bad.

3. Bad hair can ruin your love life.

I could write an entire book filled with examples of how bad hair ruined som