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The origins of modern-day weaves and extensions can be traced back to ancient Egypt, 5000 BC. Based on historic records we can say with certainty that throughout human history people have always loved beautiful luxurious hair. The same fact holds true today. 


Consider joining the millions of people from all walks of life who are choosing braids, sew-ins, and wigs, not only as an amazing way to not only enhance and display versatility with their personal style but because these styles also protect and grow natural hair.. Not to mention freeing them of the daily hassle of maintaining and styling their natural hair on an everyday basis. Freeing up precious time.  

Created out of necessity, Sew Pretty Hair is a Professional Beauty Service with a keen focus on Sew In Weaves and Extensions. Located in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. We are experts in installing gorgeous healthy sew-in weaves.

Take comfort in knowing that Sew Pretty Hair's installations are long-lasting, undetectable, and safe for your natural hair, they are also warranty guaranteed. 

Specializing in Diva Maintenace and Baddie Creation. known for our high-quality, long-lasting, and unclockable sew-in weaves and extensions as well as our ability to work well with all hair types, textures and most lengths.

  • Certified in Barbicide Sanitation

  • Licensed Professional Stylist

  • Specializing in the Latest Hair Trends